About Shelf Life

Shelf Life magazine is a monthly book review publication, based in London, Ontario. This blog prints excerpts from the longer reviews found in the print edition of Shelf Life. You can pick up the print edition at various locations in London and area or you can subscribe.

Subscription information
For those outside the free distribution area, each each is at least 24 pages with all covers shown and over 40 books reviewed.

Join the growing number of subscribers today. Makes a great gift idea for the book lover.
SHELF LIFE offers subscription at $12 for six issues in Canada; US subscriptions are $18 for six issues.

Send Check (payable to Paul Sutter) to:
Paul Sutter/Shelf Life
1025 Oxford Street East
London, Ontario
N5Y 3K8

Paul Sutter is the editor and publisher of Shelf Life. He compiles the magazine using reviews from his staff, which include:

  • Joan Sutter
  • John M. Milner
  • Ron Heimpel
  • Janet Pole
  • Donna Naylor
  • Shannon Coon
  • Cindy Barratt-Sydney
  • Tori Levang

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