Shelf Life Magazine – June 2019

Shelf June 2019The month of June is significant for many things. Of course, it heralds the first day of Summer, longest day of the summer, end of the school year, and this year personally it is significant as well. On June 9, I turn 65, and while that represents the age of retirement for many, it makes me even more determined to find various things to keep me active. As Shelf Life has been a part of my life for 21 years, the furthest thing from my mind is closing up shop here. It is my love of books and getting others to read the latest and greatest titles, that has kept my interest at peak levels. I do not see that changing in the foreseeable future.

And as you can see from this issue, there are over thirty reasons to keep reading, as there are more than a wide range of subjects featured for book lovers of fiction and non-fiction.

As always, I thank you for picking up this issue, hopefully enjoying it, and finding books to add to your must-read list. I look forward to your comments.

Paul Sutter

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*** Fiction Section ***
*** Best June Fiction ***

An Anonymous Girl
by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen
(St. Martin’s Press – $24.99 – 375 pages)
“…follows the same intense dialogue and plot twists that made book one a must-read.”
Rating: 5 bookmarks

Something in the Water
by Catherine Steadman
(Ballantine – $36.00 – 343 pages)
“…filled with massive twists, along with a plot that will keep one reading long after you wish to.”
Rating: 5 bookmarks

*** Rest of  June Fiction ***

The Library of Lost and Found
by Phaedra Patrick
(Park Row – $31.50 – 352 pages)
“…the reader gets (a happy ending) too, a reward for joining Martha on her journey”
Rating: 4 1/2 bookmarks

by Laura Sims
(Scribner – $19.99 – 182 pages)
“Laura Sims’ debut as just the right touch of everything going for it.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

by James Patterson & James O. Born
(Little Brown – $36.50 – 317 pages)
“It creates an interesting read for those cannot get enough of Michael Bennett.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

A Measure of Darkness
by Jonathan & Jesse Kellerman
(Ballantine – $38.99 – 340 pages)
“…the same quality work that Kellerman has given readers in the past.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

The Winter Sister
by Megan Collins
(Atria – $35.00 – 328 pages)
“The book will appeal to lovers of psychological mystery.”
Rating: 4 1/2 bookmarks

Wild Justice
by Loren D. Estleman
(Forge – $34.99 – 224 pages)
Reviewed by: John M. Milner
“… an intriguing novel that fans of the Western genre will love.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Autopsy of a Boring Wife
by Marie-Renee Lavoie
(House of Anansi Press – $22.95 – 227 pages)
“…definitely not boring, rather a lively book with plenty of heart and soul.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

The Killer Collective
by Barry Eisler
(Thomas & Mercer – $35.95 – 440 pages)
“In this case, when it rains, it pours in great writing, especially where John Rain is concerned.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Verses for The Dead
by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
(Grand Central – $36.50 – 350 pages)
“The ending is typical Pendergast with heart-stopping scenes featuring alligators, bullets and an almost impossible escape.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

The Good Fight
by Danielle Steel
(Delacorte Press  – $38.99 – 292 pages)
“…while far from her best book, is still worthy of your time, for whose who enjoy  a relaxing read with interesting characters and interwoven storylines.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

Gale Force
by Owen Laukkanen
(Putnam – $36.00 – 372 pages)
“The intricate detail about the ship and its perils make the book a superior read.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Wolfhunter River
by Rachel Caine
(Thomas & Mercer – $22.95 – 324 pages)
“Rachel Caine once more dazzles us with her tense brand of writing, and a relentless plot you cannot get enough of.”
Rating: 4 1/2 bookmarks

The Glovemaker
by Ann Weisgarber
(Mantle – $30.99 – 296 pages)
“…a think piece as well, with moral issues as well as a plot that mesmerizes.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

The Echo Killing
by Christi Daugherty
(Minotaur – $22.50 – 377 pages)
“She has created a definitive page-turner using her expertise in newspapers covering crime and murder to the fullest.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Nine Perfect Strangers
by Liane Moriarty
(Flatiron – $35.99 – 454 pages)
“Liane Moriarty is known for her dark and somewhat humorous tales, and this one is certainly one that is all that and more at times.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

*** Non-Fiction Section ***
*** Best June  Non-Fiction ***

For Alison
by Andy Parker with Ben R. Williams
(DK Books – $65.00 – 612 pages)
“…a moving story of a father’s love, and a rallying cry for common sense solutions so events like this are a thing of the past…”
Rating: 5 bookmarks

Apollo: VII-XVII
by Floris Heyne, Joel Meter, Simon Phillipson & Delano Steen Meijer
(teNeuses- $85.00 – 322 pages)
“…an absolutely breathtaking coffee table book of the highest order.”
Rating: 5 bookmarks

**** Rest of June Non-Fiction ****

Bunny Boy and Me
by Nancy Laracy
(Skyhorse – $38.99 – 252 pages)
“This is one of the most enlightening and entertaining stories you will read.”
Rating: 4 1/2 bookmarks

Don Cherry’s Hockey Greats and More
by Don Cherry
(Doubleday Canada – $29.95 – 244 pages)
“While he is not afraid to step on toes with his observations, there is nothing controversial about DON CHERRY’s HOCKEY GREATS AND MORE.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

Inside An Honor Killing: A Father and Daughter Tell Their Story
by Lene Wold
(Greystone – $32.95 – 216 pages)
“…a book that is a rallying cry for justice, aski ng the question whether such attitudes can ever change…”
Rating: 4 1/2 bookmarks

by Wednesday Martin
(Little Brown Spark – $36.50 – 304 pages)
“Martin does a respectable job of balancing many areas, while relating scientific research with personal observation.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Jefferson: Architect of American Liberty
by John B. Boles
(Basic Books  – $45.50 – 640 pages)
Reviewed by John M. Milner

“JEFFERSON delves deeply into the President’s career in politics…”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Why We Dream: The Transformative Journey
by Alice Robb
(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – $39.00 – 266 pages)
“…Alice Robb studies that mysterious and often magical world of dreams and what they mean for us.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

History of the World Map by Map
(DK Books – $65.00 – 440 pages)
“The maps have enough information to help paint the perfect picture.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide for Repairing Our Humanity
by Sally Kohn
(Algonquin Books – $38.95 – 262 pages)
“…provides a refreshing perspective on dealing with hate.”
Rating: 4 1/2 bookmarks

The Flash The Silver Age Volume 3
(DK Books – $39.99 – 400 pages)
“…don’t speed read this book, you will want to savour every panel of the story and dialogue.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

The Ending Photographic Stories of Love, Loss, Heartbreak, and Beginning Again
by Caitlin Cronenberg & Jessica Ennis
(Chronicle – $42.95 – 144 pages)
“…a massive project that took over seven years and 50,000 photos, to come up with the finished product.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

Buseyisms: Gary Busy’s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
by Gary Busey with Steffanie Sampson
(St. Martin’s Press – $32.50 – 290 pages)
“Now he returns with his Buseyisms, teaching us no matter what life throws our way, one can fight back and survive.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

Norval Morriseau Man Changing Into Thunderbird
by Armand Garnet Ruffo
(Douglas & McIntyre – $24.95 – 312 pages)
“…there are still countless more positives that brought Norval Morrisseau to such prominence and respect.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Stanley Cup: The Complete History
by Eric Zweig
(Firefly – $24.95 – 532 pages)
“…traces the history and all the teams fortunate enough to hoist the Cup on their shoulders…”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Everyone Wins – Cooperative Games & Activities for All Ages Revised and Updated 3rd Edition
by Josette and Ba Luvmour
(New Society – $16.99 – 166  pages)
“…more than 170 games that children of all ages can participate in and have lots of fun.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks