Shelf Life Magazine – February 2018

2018 02 01 February Shelf coverFebruary is a month of many things. One of them is, of course, Valentine’s Day. The second is Family Day in Ontario. There is something many of us as possible should do every day this month and that is open a book. Even if you only read a few pages, books are certainly something that educate and enlighten use. They are great forms of entertainment and provide hours of enjoyment. Whether you love fiction or non-fiction, there is something for everyone. That is, of course, what we attempt to provide in each and every issue of Shelf Life. This issue, as most issues, you will find bestselling authors and titles along with some that while not receiving the same accolades as others deserve to be read. Here’s hoping we will inspire you to seek out many of the books noted. You won’t be disappointed.

Paul Sutter

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*** Fiction Section ***
*** Best February Fiction ***

Into the Water
by Paula Hawkins
(Doubleday Canada – $34.95 – 386 pages)
“It created the same buzz as her first book, worthy of the advanced attention.”
Rating: 5 bookmarks

The Good People
by Hannah Kent
(Little Brown – $35.00 – 390 pages)
“Hannah Kent manages to take us back in time so realistically, you swear you are living in that era”
Rating: 5 bookmarks

by L.S. Hilton
(Putnam – $36.00 – 310 pages)
“Since this is part of a trilogy, there is a cliff-hanger that beckons you back for the finale.”
Rating: 5 bookmarks

*** Rest of February Fiction ***

The Burial Hour
by Jeffery Deaver
(Grand Central – $36.50 – 464 pages)
“It adds another chapter to the intriguing character Deaver created, one that readers cannot seem to get enough of.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Vince Flynn Enemy of the State
by Kyle Mills
(Emily Bestler/Atria – $38.99 – 388 pages)
“…classic Rapp, the sort of tale Flynn was famous for.”
Rating: 4 1/2 bookmarks

Against All Odds
by Danielle Steel
(Ballantine – $38.99 – 336 pages)
“It still is the sort of story that will enthrall the author’s millions of fans.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

House of Spies
by Daniel Silva
(Harper Collins – $24.99 – 525 pages)
“There are additional complex plot threads found in HOUSE OF SPIES, making the book come alive in ways other writers could not duplicate.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Seeing Red
by Sandra Brown
(Grand Central – $35.00 – 422 pages)
“SEEING RED will have you seeing a brilliant book, which is pretty well the norm when Sandra Brown is the author.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Different Class
by Joanne Harris
(Doubleday – $25.00 – 413 pages)
Reviewed by John M. Milner
“…Harris should be lauded for her ability to cultivate enough suspense to keep the reader turning pages.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

by Linda Fairstein
(Dutton – $37.00 – 395 pages)
“There is a bit of everything in the book…”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Paradise Valley
by C.J. Box
(Minotaur – $38.99 – 342 pages)
“The book did not have the same pace or immediacy of a Pickett book.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

The Last Days of Night
by Graham Moore
(Random House – $37.00 – 369 pages)
“Moore tells the story realistically, truly illuminating the subject.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

The Mistress
by Danielle Steel
(Delacorte – $38.99 – 325 pages)
“…the classic rags to riches love story.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

Otherworld Chills: Final Tales of the Otherworld
by Kelley Armstrong
(Random House Canada – $32.00 – 458 pages)
“The stories in the book give closure and justice to what has gone before this.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

A Shattered Circle
by Kevin Egan
(Forge – $41.99 – 300 pages)
“This stand-alone book is definitely among the best of Kevin Egan’s literary career.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

So Much Love
by Rebecca Rosenblum
(McClelland & Stewart – $24.95 – 282 pages)
“The book is a total revelation, a compelling story that draws you in to everyone’s world.”
Rating: 4 1/2 bookmarks

Next of Kin
by James Tuckker
(Thomas & Mercer – $22.95 – 338 pages)
“The next book in the series can’t come quickly enough.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Take Out
by Margaret Maron
(Grand Central – $35.00 – 320 pages)
“This police procedural is definitely filled with lots of interesting plot twists.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

The Man of Legends
by Kenneth Johnson
(47 North – $22.95 – 422 pages)
“To say the story is complex would seem an understatement.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks


*** Non-Fiction Section ***
*** Best February Non-Fiction ***

Marvel Year by Year – A Visual History
Updated and Expanded Foreword by Stan Lee
(DK Books – $62.00 – 400 pages)
“For Marvel comic lovers out there, this book will serve as their Bible.”
Rating: 5 bookmarks

London Free Press – From the Vault A Photo History of London
by Jennifer Grainger
(Bibilioasis – $39.95 – 416 pages)
“…a visual treat for history lovers, who either grew up in this city or have come from other areas.”
Rating: 5 bookmarks

Reckless Daughter – A Portrait of Joni Mitchell
by David Yaffe
(Harper Collins – $34.99 – 420 pages)
“Fans of the singer will enjoy this revealing biography of her life and times.”
Rating: 5 bookmarks

**** Rest of February Non-Fiction ****

Hitler’s Commando
by Otto Skorzeny
(Skyhorse – $33.99 – 226 pages)
“It is a very different type of autobiography and those who missed the book the first time now have a chance to understand the mindset of one of Hitler’s closest and most trusted confidantes.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

The Holy Crap Cookbook
by Corin Mullins with Claudia Howard
(Douglas & McIntyre – $22.95 – 136 pages)
“…has sixty recipes based on gluten-free and plant-based recipes…”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

Are You Anybody? A Memoir
by Jeffrey Tambor
(Crown Archetype – $36.00 – 286 pages)
“No matter where you start and finish, the book is still a true autobiographical treat.”
Rating: 4 1/2 bookmarks

Unstoppable: My Life So Far
by Maria Sharapova with Rich Cohen
(Sara Crichton/FSG – $39.00 – 292 pages)
“The book shows a determined athlete whose career is certainly far from over.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Killers of the Flower Moon (The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI)
by David Grann
(Doubleday – $38.95 – 340 pages)
“…fascinating reading in a book that will stay with readers for a long time.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Make Your Mind Up
by Bethany Mota
(Gallery – $29.99 – 212 pages)
“…she speaks in a manner younger readers will find beneficial and use to succeed in their own lives.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

Papi: My Story
by David Ortiz with Michael Holley
(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – $40.00 – 262 pages)
“…a delight not only for baseball fans, but anyone who enjoys a true success story such as the one Ortiz tells.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Trees In Canada
by John Laird Farrar
(Fitzhenry & Whiteside – $60.00 – 504 pages)
“TREES IN CANADA is the ideal book for young and old, a book that grows on you as much as the trees it profiles.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook that Happens to Be Vegan
by Shannon Martinez & Mo Wise
(Hardy Grant – $50.00 – 210 pages)
“The authors are attempting to showcase just how good vegan is, and if some of the recipes are indications of this, then they have succeeded.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

Seduced by Mrs. Robinson (How the Graduate Became the Touchstone of a Generation)
by Beverly Gray
(Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill – $35.95 – 282 pages)
“…it views the manner in which the movie was created, marketing and appreciated by millions.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

America The Ingenious
by Kevin Baker
(Artisan – $43.95 – 262 pages)
“…delves into history to offer a look at seventy-six inventions and innovations that helped shape the world.'”
Rating: 4 1/2 bookmarks

Birdmania: A Remarkable Passion for Birds
by Bernd Brunner
(Greystone – $39.95 – 304 pages)
“…readers will find a different perspective on birds with a variety of stories, facts, and information that will make us appreciate them so much more.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution
by Peter Kalmus
(New Society Publishers – $21.99 – 370 pages)
“…definitely a book that will change your ideas and ideals for the better.”
Rating: 4 bookmarks

The Gold Coins of Newfoundland 1865-1888
by Harvey B. Richer
(Boulder Publications – $34.95 – 184 pages)
“…one of those books with information that the average person would never know.”
Rating: 3 1/2 bookmarks

February Paperback Picks

Space is limited in this issue, but we wanted to mention some paperbacks that have crossed our desk that are highly recommended. There is only space to mention title, author and page counts. Check them out as son as possible.

  • Rugged Texas Cowboy by Lora Leigh (St. Martin’s – $10.50 – 296 pages)
  • The Wicked Vampire by Kate Baxter (St. Martin’s – $10.50 – 373 pages)
  • Boneyard by Sean McGuire (Tor – $23.99 – 333 pages)
  • A Wedding Tail by Casey Griffin (St. Martin’s – $10.99 – 440 pages)
  • The Lost Vampire by Kate Baxter (St. Martin’s – $10.99 – 377 pages)